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Can I Book a Post-Construction Cleaning?

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Can I Book a Post-Construction Cleaning?

The Guidelines for Post-Construction Cleaning:

If you want to book an appointment for post-construction cleaning, please read these guidelines before doing so.

How Much Does Post-Construction Cleaning Cost?

  1. The hourly start rate is $85/hr for two cleaners, which is $42.50/hr for each cleaner.
  2. We require a minimum charge of $170, equating to two cleaners for two hours each.
  3. The time post-construction cleaning takes depends on the size and condition of your home.
  4. It is the client’s responsibility to book enough time for the post-construction cleaning session. Should the client not book enough time, it may lead to an incomplete clean.

How Much Time Does Post-Construction Cleaning Take?

These are the recommended minimum times you should book for post-construction cleaning:

  1. A maximum of 2000 sq ft requires a minimum of 2.5 hours with a team of two cleaners, which is five labor hours.
  2. Between 2000 to 2700 sq ft requires at least 3 hours with a team of two cleaners, which is six labor hours.
  3. For areas between 2700 to 3200 sq ft, schedule at least 3.5 hours for two cleaners, which amounts to seven labor hours.
  4. In areas that are 3200 sq ft and beyond, the minimum recommended time is 4 hours for a team of two cleaners. This amounts to eight labor hours.

These times are recommended by our company. But there is no guarantee that these times will be enough for your cleaning. The exact time is dependent on the condition and size of your home, amongst many more factors. If you’d like professional help in choosing a time, call us.


What If I Don’t Book Enough Time for Post-Construction Cleaning?

Unfortunately, if you don’t schedule enough time for your cleaning, your cleaning will be left incomplete. We have outlined the recommended times for different sized areas to help you book enough time. It is best to book more than enough time rather than not enough.

To give you a clear example, if you book a team of two cleaners for three hours, but the clean would take five hours, the cleaners will work for three hours and leave your clean incomplete. This is the procedure, as the cleaners need to continue to the next appointment.


What Happens If I Book Too Much Time?

If you book too much time for your cleaning, we will adjust the total amount according to how long your appointment took. We will adjust the amount to no lower than $170.

For instance, if you’ve booked a team of two cleaners for 2 hours, but the booking took 1.5 hours, we would bill you a minimum of $170.

If you booked 4 hours, but the booking took 3.5 hours, we would only charge you for those 3.5 hours.

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