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Can my online quote change?

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Can My Online Quote Change?

Yes! Your online quote could change.

However, if you filled in accurate details of your home and the cleaning you require, there is little reason for your online quote to change.

Quote changes typically only occur when you use incorrect details about your home and the condition of your home.


We base the quote on the information you provide. So, if that information is incorrect, we will adjust the quote according to the correct information.

These circumstances may lead to a quote change:

  • You provided incorrect details in your online booking. These details include the square footage of your home, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and if you forget to mention that you have a pet.
  • If the condition of your home requires more work than you outlined. This means that the home has not been maintained or cleaned for a long time. These conditions cover built-up dirt on the surfaces, staining in the bathtubs, sinks, and shower. As we may have to apply additional time, work, and supplies to clean your home, we will adjust your quote accordingly.

You need to read through the cleaning checklists, add-on service, and excluded service, so you are aware of what we include in your service.

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