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4 Tips to Organize a Small Bathroom

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Whether you’re in Mesa, or anywhere else in the United States; a small bathroom shouldn’t detract from the overall aesthetics of a property. If organized properly, even the smallest bathroom space can look suitably spacious and stylish, and can even add value to your home. Knowing how to organize a small bathroom can be a challenge, but there are several well-known techniques that even the most experienced interior designers call upon in their hour of need… here’s a look at the 4 most effective of these tips, that you can use when organizing a small bathroom.

Remove Clutter

No matter how big a room is, if there’s one thing that debris and objects can do – it’s add to the feeling of a confined space. There are two major ways to deal with clutter; the first is to properly store it out of sight like a house cleaning professional would do, and the second is to remove it altogether!If the bathroom is large enough for a cabinet to be installed, then putting your bits and bobs away is always the better choice; especially if they are a necessary part of your bathroom (think sponges, towels, tooth brushes and so on).

Installing Storage Facilities

Most bathrooms will have a sink, a bathtub ora shower and a toilet, so installing storage facilities is a great way to maximise the functionality of a small space. Although it won’t be possible to install a cabinet under a bathtub, it’s always an option to install some form of storage unit under a sink. If you don’t have the option to create more permanent storage solutions in your bathroom,you can always opt for residential house cleaning to help, or a wall-mounted rack can be used to store bathtub accessories. In general, the fewer items that there are in plain view, the larger the room will appear.

A Fresh Color Scheme

It’s no secret that colors trigger particular emotions, and this fact can be incredibly useful when trying to create an organized feeling within a bathroom. Busy wallpaper or tiles will only detract from the size of the space, so a fresh lick of paint can work wonders. Colors like peach, cream, soft green and light yellow are known to expand the overall feeling of a room, and when paired with pastel colors, the combination can help to create a pleasant, open atmosphere within a room of any size.

Match your Décor

Going hand in hand with a great color scheme -your chosen décor can work to either detract, or add benefit to a small bathroom. Towels, flannels, cabinet handles and even shower heads fall into the bathroom décor category, and ensuring that these elements match in color and style as closely as possible can greatly assist with organizing a small space. A matching aesthetic will help eyes to settle and relax, and as far as promoting an ‘organized-atmosphere’ goes – matching décor can go a very long way!

Although small bathrooms may vary in size (from small one-person bathrooms to slightly larger bathrooms that are still considered smaller than average), there’s nothing to say that the above methods won’t help the smallest to feel fresh, organized, well-arranged and aesthetically pleasing, at all times.


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