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5 Things that you need to remember so you can Avoid Destroy your Dryer

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Blog Highlights:

  • Many homeowners do things that can unknowingly destroy their dryers
  • Operating the dryer can be very easy; unfortunately, even small mistakes can cause a lot of damage
  • Failure to remove lint on the lint filter and trap can cause the dryer to overheat and even catch fire
  • Having a piece of gum or crayon in your clothes’ pockets can cause a lot of stain and mess in the dryer
  • Dryer sheets can help make your clothes feel soft and fresh, but using too many sheets can gum up your dryer
  • Overloading the dryer can make your machine susceptible to fire and it will prevent the dryer from drying your clothes properly
  • Never try to put plastic, rubber, or foam materials inside the dryer

Have you been using your dryer correctly? A lot of homeowners tend to do things that can destroy their machine unknowingly. Here are 5 things that you need to avoid stop doing so you can avoid expensive repairs.

Using the dryer is a no-brainer. You can simply load the clothes, throw in a dryer sheet, and then turn it on. Unfortunately, many users forget that even simple actions can easily harm your appliance.  Small mistakes must be avoided so you won’t have to call a repair technician. Here are some of the things you need to remember when using the dryer:

You need to eliminate the lint

Failure to remove the lint in the dryer can actually make it function inefficiently. It can slow down the drying process and it can actually cause the dryer to overheat unexpectedly. If this happens, your dryer can catch fire. Unless having burnt clothes is your way of making a fashion statement, we strongly suggest that you clean out the lint filter and trap before using the dryer.

You need to empty the pockets

Your clothes can contain an assortment of items inside the pockets. You need to clean out the pockets first before putting them in the dryer. Gum and pieces of crayon can stain your clothes and it can cause a lot of mess in the dryer. You should also make sure that gunk will not get stuck inside the machine as cleaning it out can require a lot of work.  Cleaning the dryer must be done with caution; you should also avoid clogging the drum holes so that your dryer will not catch fire.  A good way to clean out the dirt inside the dryer is to use the vacuum.  You can vacuum the dryer, scrape off any gunk, spray it with a little vinegar, and then scrub off any sticky residue.

Avoid using too many dryer sheets

Too much of a good thing can be bad.  If you want to make your clothes soft, fresh and static-free, you need to use the right amount of dryer sheets. Using too much can actually create a waxy layer that can melt and gum up the dryer.

Avoid overloading the dryer

A lot of people need to understand that trying to dry two loads at once is not in any way like trying to kill two birds with one stone. The dryer is not designed to efficiently dry excess amounts of clothing in the same amount of time as a single load. So instead of cramming your clothes in the dryer, putting the machine in danger, and still end up having to use the dryer twice, you should just use the dryer properly. Also, having a poor air flow in the dryer can cause fire.

Never try to dry an item that you should not dry in the first place

The dryer should not contain any foam, plastic or rubber materials as these materials can easily cause fires. It is important that you try to read the dryer’s instruction manual first before you put anything that you are not sure about inside.  Be mindful when drying rugs, as some of them have rubber linings. Opt to dry these types of items or materials under the sun rather than in the dryer so you can be safe.


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