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Cleaning Stainless Steel Home Fixtures and Appliances in Mesa and Queen Creek Arizona

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Blog Highlights:

  • Keeping stainless steel appliances looking clean and shiny can be difficult
  • Stainless steel can easily get cloudy from fingerprints, food stains, and smudges
  • Commercial stainless steel cleaners can be very expensive and they can be ineffective
  • Commercial stainless steel cleaners are dependent on the type of stain
  • You need to study the grain of the stainless steel before cleaning it
  • When cleaning stainless steel appliances always use a soft cloth and always start with plain water

There’s no need to have special cleaning supplies whenever you want to keep stainless steel fixtures and accessories looking brand new.  Here’s how you can clean stainless steel at home like a pro.

Keeping stainless steel looking clean can be quite difficult.

It can easily be dirtied with fingerprints, smudges, and all sorts of food stains. And although you can easily wipe-off the dirt from its surface, polishing it and making it look sleek and shiny can frustrate even the most patient DIY house cleaner.

Preparing your cleaning supplies

Most cleaning supply aisles in the grocery or hardware in Mesa are stocked with numerous stainless steel cleaning products. Unfortunately, some experts say that you might not actually need to buy any of them. This is simply because a lot of these products simply do not work.

Experts in Queen Creek Arizona also say that many of these stainless steel cleaning products are quite expensive. They are also dependent on what type of stain or dirt you have on your furniture or fixture.

These reasons make them impractical for house cleaning. Especially when you know the fact that using dish soap, a soft cloth, and enough water can be used to produce better results.

Knowing your Stainless steel appliance or fixture

Here are a few professional tips that you need to remember when dealing with stainless steel:

Know the grain – Every stainless steel application has a grain pattern. You need to study each appliance as each one will have a unique grain pattern. Cleaning it properly will require that you wipe the grain with the pattern, not against it, and certainly not in a circular motion.

Start with water – Stainless steel finishes can be quite delicate; this is why you should never bombard it with whatever cleaning product you can get your hands on. Start with plain water, and use only dishwashing soap or detergent when necessary. This can help you avoid damaging your appliance and it can also help you save money.

Using a soft cloth – In Queen Creek Arizona and Mesa Arizona, we never use abrasive cloths when cleaning stainless steel appliances and fixtures. We are also very careful when using liquid cleaners as some of them can contain trace amounts of abrasives. When cleaning this type of appliances, you should only use a smooth, lint-free, and clean rags or towels.


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