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Expert Tips on How to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy while you Cook

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Blog Highlights:

  • Home cooks need to deal with a lot of mess after cooking
  • By following these expert tips, you can minimize the mess and have more time to enjoy your meal
  • Prepare your ingredients ahead of time and clean as you go
  • Minimize the spread of dirt by keeping everything within your reach
  • Preparing your ingredients is the messiest part of cooking
  • Use the sink to your advantage
  • Be time conscious, do some cleanup while your food cooks

While professional chefs make cooking look easy, home cooks often need to deal with a whole lot of mess after cooking.
But with the help of these expert tips, you can actually save yourself from all the trouble. This allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy your meal with your loved ones.

Be Smart
The first thing that you need to do is to organize everything. Prepare ahead of time and clean as you go. Start with a clean cooking space and make sure that you try your best not to make a mess while you cook so that you won’t have to clean it up afterwards.

Keep everything in Arms Reach
Try to avoid transferring dirt and grime around by keeping your tools nearby. Try your best to clean your hands before you touch all sorts of utensils and try to reuse them if possible so you can keep the things you need to clean up to a minimum.

Be methodical
Imagine yourself as a host in a cooking show. Get all your ingredients and condiments out before you start cooking and make sure that everything has been chopped, sliced, diced, and measured beforehand. As soon as you have prepared everything, make sure that you clean up the mess before you start to turn on the stove. Preparation is the messiest part of cooking and dealing with the mess now will help you a lot later on.

Let it all sink in
The sink is an area that is specifically designed to help you contain mess. So if you need to wash, cut, or do some food preparation, for as long as it is possible, you should do it on the sink.

Be time conscious
Instead of looking at funny cat videos on YouTube while your dinner is in the oven, why not take the time to do some cleaning? By catching up on the dishes and the dirty utensils while your food cooks, you can minimize the amount of mess you have to clean up afterwards. So keep a timer handy and try to do the cleanup now so you can have quality time with your loved ones later.


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