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Folding Socks for Organization and Longevity

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It’s a simple fact, no one wants to fold the clothes. I have not met a single person who has heard the dryer buzzer go off and been excited about it. The least favorite of the laundry tasks would definitely include folding socks. The search for the missing ones the dryer undoubtedly consumed aside, there seem to be an unnecessary number of ways to fold your socks. I have had no foreknowledge of this because growing up there was only one way to get it done.

The Busy Mom Fold: Place the socks together and fold one’s cuff over the others’. Not the nicest appearance wise, but quick. It will stretch out the cuffs faster but when those socks are getting handed off to little kids to put away, this method gives you more of a guarantee that they will actually make it to the drawer as a pair.

People without children or those with older children and who are no longer satisfied with clothes simply being stuffed into a closed drawer will find these other folds useful.

The Simple Fold: As the name suggests it’s simple. You fold the socks over together once and you’re done. This is probably what many people visualize when someone suggests actually folding socks. There is not much to it, still not very visually appealing but the socks are folded.

The Fold and Tuck: Fold the socks, cuff side, two thirds of the way over. Now take the toe ends and tuck them into the top cuff. Neat and tidy.

The Stand ‘Em Up Fold: The socks get folded from toe to cuff, depending on length, three to five times. When done correctly the pair will actually stand up, cuff end down. Folding socks this way give you a bit more uniformity since they end up being folded the same length. Meaning the socks can actually be organized into your drawer standing up instead of stacked on top of each other.

The Military Style Fold: Lay the socks out flat on top of each other. Now take the top cuff and fold it under at the heel so that it is still lined up. Starting at the toe begin rolling the socks tightly together until you reach the folded heal. Takes the remaining cuff and fold it over the entire sock roll. Wears out the cuff but saves on space.

This is not an excessive list of folds. They are however the simple straightforward ones and such a list will not include how to origami your socks into flowers. Yes, that does exist.


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