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Great Winter Tips for Keeping Your Floors Slush Free

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Who doesn’t love a white Christmas, especially in 2015? With the snow falling, it not only sets the mood – it provides a few great activities for your family to enjoy together in Mesa. As with all great things, they must come to an end (typically on your living room floor), and we’ve come up with a few great ways to ensure that your home stays slush free, without having to install a stair lift to keep your families’ messy shoes off of the floor!

One of the most effective methods of cleaning is to ensure that minimal tidying requirements are undertaken from the offset. Here are a few great ways to keep your floors clean and clear of wet slush.

Add a Boot Tray

Messy shoes can be a nightmare when it comes to cleaning your flooring and carpets, so why not take care of this problem at the door? Place a shoe tray at the entrance of your home and insist that everyone removes their footwear before stepping inside.

Place a Doormat Down

If taking shoes off isn’t an option, then why not have your family take care of the hard work for you? Add a floor mat to the entrance of your home and get your partner and kids to wipe their shoes properly before stepping inside. Sure, the floor mat might need a wipe from time to time, but better that than your favorite carpet!

Find another Way Inside

Most homes feature alternative access points, and if your home has a garage, then why not get your family to enter through there instead? It won’t matter so much if your garage floor gets a little messy as it’s unlikely that your guests will want to spend their time there, and if it does get a little dirty simply wipe it over with a cloth or broom.

Salt the Ground like a Roman

Snow hates salt. And salt hates snow – so why not sprinkle plenty outside of your home to make sure that snow, ice and slush struggles to form? You won’t be affecting the fun times to be had beyond your walls, but you will be restricting the amount of slush that can be carried in to your home by those entering.

Add Temporary Rugs

Rugs are good for two things – first they are a fantastic way to insulate your home and secondly they are ideal for collecting dirt and debris that you don’t want to spread throughout your home. Place a few rugs in high traffic spots within your home (consider your doorways, corridors and even hallways). The slush and dirt will disappear from shoes or socks, and the cleaning will take care of itself.

Shovel the Snow Outside

If there is no snow to make its way indoors, then there’s minimal concern for a mess. Why not consider shoveling the snow into a pile to keep your access points clean and clear? Less mess for you means more time enjoying the festivities!


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