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The Best Carpet Cleaning Techniques to Remove Dirt and Grime in Mesa

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You may not know this, but in 1791 the carpet industry became officially recognized as the Carpet and Rug Institute. There’s no doubt in our minds that since that official date of recognition, thousands and thousands of people around the world have been trying hard to keep their carpets and upholstery clean. Accidental spillages, pet stains and even muddy boot prints are just a few of the culprits – and that’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of some of the most effective carpet cleaning techniques around, whether you’re in Mesa, Queen Creek Arizona or anywhere else!

Water Pressing

Possibly one of the most traditional cleaning techniques on the planet, water pressing (or water blotting) involves using a damp cloth or sponge to press around the edges of the stain or dirt. Avoid scrubbing the carpet with your cloth though as this can spread the stain. A better option would be to rinse the cloth clean and press the stain again.

Spray with a Cleaning Agent and then Press

If the stain looks a little too substantial for water alone to clean, then it’s a better idea to spray the area with a carpet stain cleaner first, as this can help to neutralize the dirt or grime. Don’t soak your carpet – just apply a thin layer of cleaner and let it sit for roughly 10 minutes to soak in to the fibers properly.

Once soaked, consider using a formula that consists of vinegar (preferably white), dish soap and warm water. The vinegar will act to break down any stains, the soap will help to de-grease the area, and the water will wash any residues away. Just a tablespoon of dish soap should be more than sufficient – and the warmer the water the quicker the effects will be.

Alternatively, club soda is a viable replacement for dish soap as its greater acidity level will help to remove even the most stubborn of stains, including red wine and blood. If this doesn’t do the trick, then consider applying a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth and then ‘blot’ or press the stain until it lifts away.

Spraying and then Vacuuming

This technique is very similar to the one mentioned above – although instead of pressing the stain, you’ll want to vacuum the area instead. Spray your carpet stain remover over the stained area and then allow it to settle for at least 10 minutes. Once settled, vacuum the area (with a liquid-friendly vacuum) and then see if the stain has been lifted away.

If not, simply repeat any of the processes above until the stain lifts away completely. You can always switch the club soda for baking soda – or alternate between the two during cleaning.


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