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How to Clean Your Toilet Properly | Toilet Cleaning Tips | Sale Lake City Arizona

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Just how many bacteria reside within your toilet bowl? Three million per square inch – and that means that most toilet bowls possess more than 50 million bacterium. Every single time that you flush, those bacteria take to the air and spread. What better reason to ensure that your toilet is cleaned at least once a week?

Here’s what you’ll need to ensure that your clean goes off without a hitch:

  1. A toilet brush
  2. A disinfectant, bleach, or all-purpose cleaner
  3. Microfiber towels or other relevant material to wipe the bowl clean
  4. Heavy duty rubber gloves
  5. A designated toothbrush to tackle those hard to reach areas

First Step

Squirt your toilet cleaner around the upper edges of your toilet bowl, focusing on the area under the lip of the bowl. Close the lids and spray a disinfectant over the top of the bowl, on the lid, and around the sides. The more disinfectant that you spray, the more germs will be killed; but the more you’ll need to wipe afterward.

Second Step

With your dry towels, wipe around the exterior of the bowel and be sure to focus on any recesses where the toilet’s neck meets the floor. If you’re using microfiber towels, then they’ll be far more effective at picking up dirt and germs – just be sure to give them a good rinse, follows by a machine wash afterwards.

Third Step

Once the outside of your toilet bowl has been sufficiently cleaned, the next step is to open the lid and tackle the inside. Your toilet brush is best suited to this, and use it to get in to the darkest corners of the bowl. Scrub around the rim, the bowel, and in to the neck of the toilet. Once you’re finished, you can now flush the toilet, clean your brush and allow it plenty of time to dry.

If you want to really get in to the recesses of your toilet, that’s where your toothbrush comes in handy – just be sure to keep it well away from any oral toothbrushes in the room afterward.

Apply a bit of disinfectant to your toilet brush, and then scrub around the toilet seat’s hinges, and under the lip of the toilet bowl; where the water shoots out from.

Give the toilet a final flush, wash the toothbrush, and your bowl should now be entirely clean and clear of germs. Before finishing up and moving on to your next task, give the room a little spray with a fresh fragrance, and you’ll be good to go.


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