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Great Methods for Keeping your Home Cool during the Summer

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Who doesn’t love a bit of sunshine? The summer months are often the most popular time of year, allowing for family get-togethers, trips and outdoor adventures to name just a few activities. But it’s not all happiness and smiles – especially if your home isn’t as well-equipped to deal with the heat as you’d like. Comfort in the summer is a massive priority, and by using just a few of these methods below, you’ll soon find that your home remains as comfortable as possible all summer long, which can be especially important if you’re in Mesa!

Keeping your Home free of Dust

Dirt and dust don’t just make a home look untidy – they are actually capable of raising the temperature if allowed to remain untreated. Allowing dust to settle on shelves, televisions and other flat surfaces will only add to the temperature of a room, and a simple dusting will only spread the dust before it settles again. So what options do you have at your disposal? Well, one of the most effective has to be hiring a professional cleaner to come in and remove every trace of dust from your rooms.

Replace Drapes with Nets

Drapes are often enough to make any room look stylish and elegant, but they are also well-known for limiting air flow too. In the summer, it’s always a good idea to remove your drapes (you can also give them a wash too, to remove dust and dirt build up). If you’d prefer not to leave your windows open, then it’s always an option to fit thinner nets in place of your drapes. The beauty with nets is that they are thin enough to allow air to pass freely, whilst being able to deter dust from settling.

Open your Windows

Fresh air is good for everyone, and there’s no fresher air than the flow from an open window. By opening just a few windows first thing in the morning, you’ll help you to keep your home cool and fresh, whilst maintaining a balanced temperature. Even if the breeze isn’t blowing, open windows can aid in welcoming any cold air molecules, before trapping them within the corners of your rooms. Fresh air is also always a better option than air conditioning – and can be a far more cost effective method too.

A cool home starts from within, and if your home isn’t clean and clear of dust and debris, then you’ll soon find your temperature rising, no matter what you do. If you’re keen to have your home ready for next summer, or if you’d like to enjoy that cool, fresh feeling in general, then why not book our professional cleaning services?  The most effective method of keeping your home cool is to keep it clean. Less clutter means less places for heat to settle, and that means that a clear floor will be a lot cooler than a cluttered one.


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