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4 Great Ways to keep your Kids Occupied while you clean

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Your home is a central hub for your family, and no matter how large it is, or how small – it can be incredibly daunting to tackle your cleaning duties while your kids are around. So what can you do to keep your kids occupied while you clean and maintain your home? Well whether you’re in Mesa, or anywhere else within the United States, you’ll appreciate these helpful tips that can help to keep your kids entertained while you work!

Get them involved

No child likes to be ignored, in fact the more attention that they get, the more that their confidence will grow! With that in mind, why not hand your child a bottle of spray, and task them with polishing a few flat surfaces? This is particularly effective if your kids are between the ages of 8 and 13, but if your children are younger, then you can always hand them a soft cloth and allow them to mimic what you’re doing.

Show them how things work

The majority of people consider cleaning a chore, but the truth is that it’s a vital part of any functional household. Why not sit your kids down, and explain to them how the cleaning process works? The most inquisitive of children will want to shadow your every move and see the exciting chemical polishes in action, whilst more relaxed children will still understand why it is you’re doing what you’re doing, before finding a way to entertain themselves!

Dedicate a play area

What child wants to stop playing with their favorite toys while you clean? Instead of making cleaning-time something that your kids hate, why not give them somewhere to enjoy themselves while you get on with the cleaning? You can set them up a table, a carpet area, or just have them have fun outdoors! There’s really no reason why your children should be restricted during housework time, so let them enjoy a dedicated spot around your home, and they’ll keep out of the way without getting bored!

Broaden your horizons

We’ve all been there – the kids are at home, you need to do housework, and they won’t give you 5 minutes of peace to get on! Fortunately, kids love being able to do something out of the ordinary, so why not make your cleaning time their ‘creative time’? Let them grab a few sheets from your wardrobe and build a tent, let them have a pillow fight, or drop them off at a friend’s house with the promise of returning the favor!

Whatever you decide to do to keep your kids occupied, the main thing is to keep your home clean and clear so that they can live comfortably. Make some time for them to enjoy with you, give them some time for themselves, or create an event to keep them busy for a few hours! Alternatively, you can hire a professional cleaning service like us at Squeaky Clean, and your free time will be spent with your children, as opposed to for them!


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