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Simplicity is key and it’s your friend. It’s that simple J. Residential cleaning seems like quite a feat for many people. It’s like climbing a mountain with no end in sight.

We all get wrapped up in life. We’re constantly on the go and prioritize the important things: family, friends, and work. Cleaning usually takes a back seat for multiple reasons:

  • You don’t have time
  • It’s a nuisance
  • It seems to never end

While all of these may very well be true, cleaning your home does not have to be a burden.

There is one solution that is the Queen of all cleaning solutions. Are you ready for it? Here are the four magical words that will simplify your life forever:

Take Out? Put Away!

It seems so simple that it sounds silly, right? But take my advice and take these 4 words to heart.

How many times have you cooked a feast for your family with great intentions? The final product is delicious and quite beautifully presented, if you do say so yourself. Oh, but the horror when you walk back into the kitchen to clean up; your stomach drops and avoidance techniques kick in. It seems like a tornado ripped right through your kitchen.

It doesn’t have to be disaster status before cleanup commences. It’s like maintenance for your car. Every now and then, you need to head to the mechanic’s office and get your car checked. Maybe the “Check Engine” light is on, it’s time to get your oil changed, or maybe it’s time for that new set of tires to make it through the Mesa winter. You are not going to wait till your car is completely out of commission to get a checkup. It’s all about maintenance! Cleaning works the same way.

If you maintain your environment throughout the process of cooking, checking mail, or playing with your kids, cleanup is very minimal.

Firstly, it’s a huge time saver to clean as you go. By the time all is said and done, no more time is wasted on clean up. Second, it’s such a relief to leave the house clean! It’s the worst feeling to come home to a mess and somehow found even an ounce of motivation to clean. Lastly, a clean house creates a clean mind. Next time notice your thoughts surrounded by a mess, and the clarity that follows once you clean. It’s a life changer!

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you. Here are my recommended steps to a cleaner you J

  • Grab a big garbage bag and walk around your home throwing out everything you can. This includes food, old papers, etc.
  • Use a cleaning agent and paper towels/cloth to wipe down surfaces.
  • Remove everything up off the floor. Toys, clothes and shoes are popular in the floor arena. Put these away so that you can see your beautiful open space.
  • Take a broom and/or mop and sweep/mop the floor. Clean floors do wonders for a home. It instantly brightens up your space.

And now that you’re living area is spotless, follow my one golden rule: Take Out? Put Away! Clutter is not your friend so don’t let it linger.

Happy cleaning friends!


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