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How does a good ol’ cup o’ Joe while overlooking Mesa sound this morning? Fantastic? Coffee is a great way to get your day going, so it’s important to find a great way to keep your coffee maker going. Oh the coffee maker, a clear favorite amongst our kitchen appliances. We’re huge fans of it, and just like with anything you’re utilizing a lot, a little maintenance goes a long way!

Overused appliance? No problem! Say goodbye to bitter coffee, and say hello to this easy house-cleaning tip that will save you time and money throughout the year.

Take time to notice the state of your appliance. Are there any hard water deposits? Is the carafe and overall exterior clean?

Cleaning is simple, liberating, and quite frankly, necessary to keep everything in tip-top shape. Here’s one simple ingredient that will do wonders for you and your house-cleaning process: white distilled vinegar.

Many of you may have heard of this humble ingredient. Well, it’s really that simple. It’s easy to find and cheap to buy. And most importantly, it’s a harmless cleaning agent.

The Cleaning Process: Drip Coffee Maker

  • Clean out the carafe and filter. We want it to be free of coffee grounds. A solid rinse is all you need.
  • Take out our magical, yet humble ingredient, white distilled vinegar, and fill up the carafe with it 1:1 with water. So in easy math terms, ½ white distilled vinegar, and the other ½ of the way with water.
  • Begin brewing! When it’s about ½ of the way done, stop it! Just let the solution sit for about 45 minutes. This is how the white distilled vinegar really works it’s magic, slowly but surely removing those stubborn hard water deposits.
  • Once your timer passes that important 45-minute mark, let it finish up brewin’! And voilà! All the gunk that you see accumulated there comes right off! Now, just pour this out and refill the container with clean water!
  • Rinse with clean water 3 – 5 times to get your coffee looking and smelling just like new.
  • Now for the exterior: all it takes is a good ol’ piece of cloth a dab of soap to keep it looking shiny. If there is hard water deposit buildup, a touch of vinegar on the outside also does the trick. And there you have it!

The Cleaning Process: Single Serve Coffee Maker

  • Firs things first: unplug the machine. Remember when you played with Legos as a kid? Let’s have some fun here taking every piece apart; and we mine every single one! All pieces can be easily washed in warm water with soap.
  • Just as we mentioned before, use the cloth to wipe the exterior and all those pesky grounds away around the K-cup basket.
  • Once all these moving parts are dry, reassemble and plug back in.
  • Ready for the magical solution? Yep, you guessed it! Fill the water container with 1:1 white distilled vinegar and cold water. Press start and let it run without a K-cup. Discard and repeat till no vinegar and water remains.
  • Run the cycle with just clean water (and no K-cup) and continue till there’s no smell of vinegar left.

That’s it folks! Residential cleaning does not have to be a pain, and like we said, a little maintenance goes a long way in keeping your household appliances clean and good as new! Happy house cleaning folks!


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